WPMUDEV Chat plugin vs System Support plugin comparison

I would like to offer a client a new website dedicated to communicating with their clients. Features that they could offer their clients at a premium.

The client has some key people that have years of experience in a vertical niche market and they would like to offer there knowledge to others looking for help in that niche for being a paid member. I guess in away it is like wpmudev but nothing to do with wordpress or web development.

I was thinking of setting up a demo for them using membership2, q&a, chat and support ticket plugin. But then I thought maybe there was a better solution.

1. I wasn't sure if the support system plugin had a user to user chat component and user to tech support.
2. Or if the q&a in support would be the same as q&a plugin.
3. Or if I would have any video chat with the chat or system support plugins.
4. Or if there was a plugin that did all of it.

Do you know what would be the best approach to this kind of project?