WPMUDev crashes iPad browser

I use my iPad to edit sites and I have found that a lot of WPMUDev actions in the dashboard case the browser to crash. I have to restart and log back in.

For example, I was installing a plugin and when it finished I guess it was try to refresh the page and “boom” the browser closed.

I logged back in and the plugin had installed correctly but this could get quite frustrating as I typically build & modify the framework components of a site with the customer.

Any ideas?



  • Ian - Blink Colony
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @brian No, this is the first time and I’ve been using this iPad for WordPress admin for about 6 months.

    @aaron yes, with the WPMUDEV dashboard. Using the regular WP add plugin works fine.

    Tomorrow I will try the same actions with a desktop based Safari browser and see if that is the issue or if it is IOS specific.

  • Ian - Blink Colony
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    I went to my WP admin page on a desktop version of Safari and as soon as I went to the WPMUDEV dashboard and clicked on plugins it crashed. I didn’t even click to install anything, I was just browsing the list.

    The difference on the desktop version was I got an error message:

    WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working.

    Safari 5.1.7

  • Ian - Blink Colony
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Deactivated all plugins except Dashboard and it still crashes.

    I don’t even need to click on any install, just navigating between the dashboard menu options kills it.

    Just before it crashes the background goes black (normally white) and on a couple of occasions the left side menu reversed colors!

    I disabled the dashboard and was able to work normally.

    Do I get a prize for strangest bug ever reported?

    I’ve done a backup of my site and will try bringing WP and WPMUDEV up to the latest version and see what happens.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    That’s the same version as me on iPad and I’m not able to replicate the issue, but I’m running the 3.2.1 version of the Dashboard plugin – can you make sure that’s what you’ve got as you mentioned 3.2 above?

    Totally stumped. When Safari crashes in Windows do you get a report button wish a crash log?

    Also, would you be willing to provide us with some guest credentials so we can experience this for ourselves?

    Yes… we’ll find an award for ya :wink:

    Thanks for the detailed info.

  • Ian - Blink Colony
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Sorry, yes it is 3.2.1

    What I will do is try the same setup on one of my development installations and see if I get the same problem. If I do I will be glad to set you up on that so you can go in and test.

    The error message in the Windows version just says…

    WebKit2WebProcess.exe has stopped working.

    And the usual Windows option to click OK or…. Give up and go to a bar.

  • Ian - Blink Colony
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Now I know it’s not me being a crazy newbie…

    Here’s what I did this evening…

    On a different machine outside of firewalls, device management, gateways etc..

    Same config: Windows 7 Pro Sp 1 with Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2)

    Fresh install of WordPress using GoDaddy one click install on a new domain, new database.

    WP 3.5 out of the box. 2012 theme, no plugins (except Akismet and Hello Dolly)

    Installed Pay With a Like 1.1.1

    Used the splash bar to “install the free WPMUDEV Dashboard Plugin” and activated plugin

    Enabled dashboard using existing ID

    Clicked around a few dashboard options for 30 seconds, no installs – just changed menus a few times.

    Norton pop-up warned of high memory usage

    Safari died….

    No error message this time, just a blank screen for a few seconds then Safari restarted with default apple.com start page.

    Logged in using the same site and credentials using IE 9, Chrome & Firefox on the same machine and it worked like a charm; installed a plugin, navigated the dashboard, viewed the community page etc.

    Curiouser and curiouser said Alice…..

    Happy to share credentials off-net so you can try and replicate; just let me know how to get them to you securely.

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