WPMUdev: Custom Sidebar Pro conflict with Jetpack Site Stats

Hi there --

This is an issue which is affecting JPManey.com. While the domain and content have been existing for a while, this is a new WP, Jetpack, and plugin install with a content import, and expansion.

We've discovered a conflict ...... if I have the Custom Sidebars Pro plug-in activated, then any other Admin user except for me (I created the site and other users) cannot view the "stats" under Jetpack > Site Stats. The "little circle" just keeps cycling.

So, I've had to disable this plug-in on one site, which is a big reason I got the WPMUdev package.

I've searched support for anything on this.

Please let me know if you need usernames and passwords; I have activated support on the JPManey.com site.

Thanks you,
~ Laurel