WPMUDev Dashboard Causing 500 Error

It has happend twice now.

1. I get a report from one of my admins that the backend of the site is inaccessible.
2. http://siteaddress/wp-admin causes a 500 error.
3. I login at http://siteaddress/wp-login.php successfully but when I go to the backend (wp-admin) there is a 500 error.

I've got a plugin that allows me to remotely deactivate and activate plugins. I narrowed it down to the WPMUDev Dashboard plugin. After deactivating the plugin the site was accessible. I was then able to re-activate the plugin and it works just fine.

So...I'm not sure why but in the last week I've had this happen twice. Your WPMUDav Dashboard plugin is causing sites to be inaccessible until the plugin is deactivated and activated.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    We're already aware of some similar issues so in order to narrow it down even further I'd like to ask you if you're also using our E-Newsletter plugin on the same site. Also, could you please update the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin to the recent 4.0.4 version and let me know if the issue still occurs?

    Best regards,

  • Rich

    No, the E-newsletter plugin is not installed on either site that had this problem.

    The plugin is working. I don't think you read my description of the problem carefully.

    1. 500 Error trying to access Admin area.
    2. De-activated WPMUDev Dashboard plugin.
    3. Admin area was accessible again.
    4. Re-activated WPMUDev Dashboard plugin and everything is working.

    So, somehow, there's something that the Dashboard plugin is doing that is breaking the Admin area until it is de-activated and re-activated. The current version of the plugin is installed.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard!

    I did read you description carefully and I understand what the issue here is. I just wanted to eliminate some possible known "troublemakers" which I'm already aware of.

    That said, could you please share more details of that site's WP install with me? What's WP version, what plugins are installed there, what theme? Are there any custom changes made to code/custom plugins? I would try to replicate this on my own then.

    Also, were you able to find any references to WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin in any of the server logs? Would you be able to turn on WordPress Debugging and possibly replicate the issue just to check /wp-content/debug.log then?

    Please advise!
    Best regards,

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