WPMUDev dashboard missing, plus bigger issues

Ok, I have two issues going on... the first not as serious, the second is very serious:
1. My WPMUDev Dashboard is missing from my backend. The plugin is installed and activated and has worked in the past, being visible from the admin menu. Additionally, when I click on the wp Screen Options... I don't see any indication of a way to show this. Where is my WPMUDev Dashboard, etc? I see no indications of it anywhere (it does show as an active plugin). I am also running Smush Pro and Hummingbird... only Hummingbird seems to show in the menu. Smush Pro settings seem nowhere to be found. What is happening?

2. This is serious... Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays - You will notice that Static Page, Front Page is not set... it says " -- Select --". Now, go ahead and pick a page. I picked "Hello" which is the correct page (it's our landing page). Now save it. When you go back in, it still says "--Select--" as if nothing happened. You will also notice when you go to PosaCash.com that it does NOT go to posacash.com/hello/ like it should, but a standard blog page view as technically the front page hasn't yet been selected (the change doesn't save and it still says "--Select--":wink:. This is really weird. Friday, everything was working fine. I don't know why it's not now... the only changes I made was to the navigation, so it should be unaffected. Why is this happening. Even more weird is that I went into phpMyAdmin and looked at the db. In the wp_options table, the page_on_front is equal to 252... which is the CORRECT id for /hello! So why is it seeming to be written in the db, but it is not working and not showing in the dashboard settings?

This is all very weird. I have attached to screen shots. The first shows several things... you will see the menu on the left that does NOT show wpmudev dashboard (normally at top of nav bar). You will also note on the top right I actually searched for "wpmudev" and it returned zero results... again showing that the nav choice is nowhere to be found. On the same screencap, you will notice that the front page display page setting is, as I said, "-- select --". The second screencap shows the db with the correct page_on_front value of 252.Tim

Can someone PLEASE help me figure this out? I can't find anything anywhere. Even Google.

Since I can't grant access (can't access WPMUDev Dashboard), please email me or message me where I can send you admin credentials.

Please help me figure this out. It's driving me crazy and it couldn't come at a worse time. Please escalate this right away to at least level 2 support as I am sure this one will require some heavy-duty expertise.