[WPMUDEV dashboard] ongoing major issues with 2 sites

there are major issues with 2 of my sites:
fituk.club – hosted elsewhere at Hostgator
go2mygym.com hosted here
It is my understanding that tickets raised to 2nd level technical assistance have been issued on both sites by LiveChat support
If that is incorrect, I would like escalation please.
I was advised to upgrade go2mygym.com from Bronze to Silver, and I have done so.
There is an WPMUDEV Dashboard malfunction on go2mygym.com
I attach a variety of screenshots detailing the issue.
Support CANNOT be enabled
Permissions CANNOT be given to other Logins
The Dashboard Plugin CANNOT be deactivated or uninstalled – I was going to uninstall and re-install in hope of fixing the Support Access issue, but it cannot be done;
I am worried about this – the WPMUDEV Dashboard should not have taken over my backend in this way.
On the fituk.club site Defender has become Marauder – when the plugin is active my site breaks completely. Defender seems to be turning itself back on – last night I deactivated, this morning it was on, and Live Chat assure me that there is no record of Support having turned it back on.
Also please note that LiveChat request, the wp-config file has been changed, at Lines 81 and 84 the Debug Value for those idents has been changed for False to True. It may be that this is part of why the spontaneous site re-set is occurring, I ask you to look into that please.
Defender appears to have come back on when the site spontaneously re-set to an earlier instance – I have lost about 4 hours of build-out work, and I am reluctant to do any more work until we find out what is causing these problems. I uninstalled Defender a couple of hours ago.
Live Chat assure me that there is no record of Support having installed an earlier backup, however an earlier version of the site seems to be what is on – although I am not certain of that. The change occurred sometime between 1am and 5am GMT today, when I was in bed.
I have checked with HostGator, who have made no change since reverting to PHP 7.1 at my request (as Live Chat advised me to) around 11.30pm-ish GMT yesterday. At that time the site looked exactly as it should. By 5am today it did not.
So it important that we find out exactly what happened between 11.30pm GMT YESTERDAY and 5AM GMT TODAY
Thank you for your help and please consider the further information provided here, BTW I was only able to attach 5 Captures, there are more, if you need them please get in touch by email
Many thanks
best wishes Patricia

I look forward to hearing from you by email when you are better placed to define the issues