[WPMUDEV Dashboard] Restrict Users from other plugins or hide using the hub

The wpmudev Dashboard plugin only allows the user that is logged in to the wpmudev account to activate or deactivate plugins or make upgrades while logged in. All other users that have not been added to the wpmudev admin can not make changes like deactivate or upgrade the wpmudev plugins. I am assuming the login is tied to an API key that is connected with wpmudev.

Feature request: It would be great if you could have more control over the access of other plugins on the website the same way. Like if there was a way to add lets say Hello Dolly to the wpmudev user only. This way only the wpmudev account holder can make updates, activate, deactivate, etc. You could make it a toggle switch in the hub section where the plugins are listed for each site and simply have – "hide this plugin from other users" or "wpmudev admin access only" This would allow the admin to have more control of the site. This would function in the same manner as the wpmudev dashboard plugin does now. if you aren't logged in under the user that matches the account then you aren't able to see the dashboard plugin in wordpress.