WPMUDEV Google Maps and Buddypress Profiles – Small Requests


Firstly, the work Vlad has done is incredible!

I am 98% percent there with Buddypress Profile Maps.

Just a few minor changes.


As you can see, you have to zoom in +1 to get the right output on my default map size on a normal high-res screen. Therefore, as I can only select Earth zoom and Continental zoom it does not quite fit.

The theme is responsive but the map is fixed at a certain pixel width. Is it possible to be able to specify a percentage? For example 100% ?

The map takes a while to load and I am afraid people will completely miss it. Is it possible to have a loading icon like a vimeo video, that way people know to either wait, or go back to the top to see it loaded.

This is not really a big issue, but buddypress members who have the default avatar are overlapping some people's custom avatars. It would be great to increase the people who have uploaded an avatar priority on the map. (like i said I'm not too worried about this, as a community builder I am gonna give people notifications and tradr credits for uploading an avatar soon anyways.)

Many thanks for the latest update. Geolocation is working a treat!

Thanks @vlad and @wpmudev

Happy customer here :slight_smile: