WPMUDEV Google Maps + Directory Integration


I am trying to get the following working:

– Get a map with all listings on it to appear here ( http://tradr.com/listings/ ) that looks like the BP Members map here ( http://tradr.com/people/ )

– Specify a new custom field for directory_listings CPT and have Google Maps use this custom field and automagically display a map on the listings page.


The above post says to go buy another mapping plugin.

I have added the custom field to the directory_listings CPT with the name ‘address’.

From the backend, I updated the listing http://tradr.com/listing/grind-espresso/ with a valid address. In the WPMUDEV Google Maps plugin I selected auto-create map at bottom of post when the custom field ‘address’ is available.

Needless to say, the map is not popping up. Is this possible?