WPMUDEV Google Maps Plugin 3.0 Feature Requests


Just seeing if I can round up some +1’s for this plugins next release!

1. Rebadge the plugin name to Google Maps plugin instead of WPMUDEV Maps

2. Auto zoom map regionally, according to discovered user IP or their buddypress profile location.

3. Zooming is fiddly. You have to click a small button to zoom, and then scroll. Can the site administrator set some fixed views? ie: Sydney region (store geo location and zoom level), South Sydney region, North Sydney Region.

4. If you are zoomed out several levels away from 5 markers. The markers cluster when their visual distance is less than X.

5. Easily implement custom marker icons based on a separate tag, ie: marker-type-XYZ. then in wpadmin wpmudev maps settings you have lists of marker-type tags. Then a person could show different markers (post categories) on the same map.

6. Full buddypress support – geotag a BP group. geotag a BP Profile. geotag each activity stream post. Geotag each forum post…. obviously, you would need to speak to the BP Core Devs to find out if/when they are changing everything to be custom post types (they said BP 1.4)

7. Geo tag WPMU Network Blogs.

8. Full CSS customisations support. Have a few different pre-made styles for the show posts panel.

Please feel free to add more feature requests to this already awesome plugin !