[WPMUDev Hub] Improvement in WPMUDev Hub : Websites Categories

Hey guys, I have a small idea for improvement for the WPMUDev Hub.

It's great, and to be honnest I stopped using assisted maintenance softwares like ManageWP and CMSCommander and I'm now doing everything with the WPMUDev Hub. Way to give us extra value guys, thanks a lot !

I just have a small improvement idea/feature request for the Hub :

When there is the list of all the websites, it would be great to be able to create some categories (like "MY WEBSITES", "CUSTOMER'S WEBSITES", etc.)… Because depending of the ammount of websites, it'll maybe be a little complicated to find the right website. Categories are making things easier.

These categories could also be very useful to do some custom rules per categories, for exemple "all sites in category X should be backup everyday with Snapshots and updated once a week if needed", and "all sites in category Y should only be updated once a month and backed up the same", for example.

Also, it would be great to have even MORE useful indications in the Hub dashboard, for exemples :

– backlinks to a website

– MOZ ranking

– maybe a SUCURI testing option for malwares ?

That would make your HUB the BEST of all, even though it probably alreeady is ! :wink:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your great work, and all the value you deliver ! Hope I can share a few (good) ideas with you to return the favor ! ^^


P.S : Unrelated but also an improvement idea/feature request, I just noticed : the FIRST time we post something in the support, we cannot use buttons like "blockquote", "code" in the description field. I posted something before and needed to include a quote. Couldn't do it. Had to post without the quote, then edit the post and only then I had access to the WYSIWYG options (bold, quote, code, etc.).