WPMUDEV, I am using WPMU, Membership and Pro Sites... I was


I am using WPMU, Membership and Pro Sites...

I was thinking that if you could create a plugin that could be activated on a per page basis that creates a blank template for collecting leads that would be awesome.

Lets say one of my members wanted to collect leads from their pro sites site. If they could simply activate a plugin that would server as a squeeze/capture page with a fancy Optin form to collect subscribers it could server as two themes on one sub-domain.

That way members could use their blog for blogging but at the same time have the ability to create squeeze and landing pages when they wanted to promote their own product or an affiliate offer, while at the same time collecting the lead for future follow-ups.

I have seen a few themes/plugins that can do this, but i'm afraid none of them offer this for network use. Only individual use.


1. Epic Squeeze Page
2. Optimize Press Plugin version


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for your feedback,I will ping our lead developer @aaron to look over the proposal, however i can't make any guarantees as to whether we would develop such a plugin. we tend to only try to cater for the majority & what is likely to be used and beneficial to many people. however we will look into the idea.

    in the meantime we do have a jobs board where you could advertise for a developer if you need this developing sooner than later. https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs

    hope this helps

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