WPMUDEV - issues with site after install

Hi, I installed WPMUDEV on Sunday and ever since it has affected our site - I have had an external IT person look at this but they were unable to fix the problems and were very costly and made matters worse for our site. Can you please let me know if I uninstall this will our site go back to the way it was before installation ? If not is there someone that can walk me through on how to fix this ?

  • Nithin

    Hi Liz,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    Sorry to know that you are having issues with the plugin, could you please explain what exact problem did your encounter? I tested the WPMU DEV dashboard plugin in my test system, and it works fine, nor there is any recent conflict reported for the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin.

    I was able to access your dashboard through support access, so I'm not sure what is the exact issue, when you meant by "whole site change".

    Could you please point out where are you seeing these changes, so that we could help get this sorted asap. Please provide more details, possibly screenshot would help us understand this issue better.

    Kind Regards,

  • Liz

    Hi Nithin,

    Thank you for your email. After we installed the plugin the following
    changes happened to our site :

    1. Home Page -
    menu all bunched together
    Things we like are now too big - images use to be smaller and were able to
    fit 4 across
    3 boxes under things we like are now sitting in bottom banner covering up
    contact details and should also be sitting side by side

    Menu at top of page - SHOP has sub categories - Large Cards / Papyrus Cards
    and then more categories in each of these for different occasions - when you
    click into these no products appear. Category names are also now squashed

    Shopping cart - doesn't show images of what has been selected like it did
    before the install of plugin
    When you select credit card as form of payment in shopping cart it wont
    connect to Eway - Eway have checked their end and can't see any issues.
    Low Inventory - I have some items out of stock but when I update these it
    still shows as "1" available

    We had free postage on orders over $50.00 - this is not working and now
    charges postage on orders over $50.00

    Have attached some images of the site for the home page.

    If you can be of any assistance in helping me fix the above issues that
    would be great


  • Nithin

    Hi Liz,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    These mentioned issues doesn't seem to have caused when installing the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. I tried to access your dashboard through the support access, but it seems like the support access got expired. Could you please revoke, and enable support access so that we could give a closer look:

    Could you please run a quick plugin/theme conflict test as illustrated in getting support manual (flowchart), and check whether you are still getting the same issues.

    If you aren't able to find any conflict, please enable support access so that we could give a closer look. Please let us know once you have enabled support access. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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