Wpmudev Membership Plugin + Wp Job Manager help

Hi, I have a Wordpress classified site and the plugin I'm using is http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-job-manager/. Basically the way that I'd like to set it up is to where VISITORS and FREE members can view the job listings, however the company name, company logo and company website are hidden. But for PAID members, they should be able to view everything. I am using wpmudev's membership plugin. Here are the template tags (company name,logo,url) to the wp job manager plugin https://github.com/mikejolley/WP-Job-Manager/wiki/Template-tags

Screenshot of how the listings currently look to free/vistors: http://d.pr/i/8jQx
Screenshot of how I'd like it to look to free/vistors: http://d.pr/i/DfHC

Here is the code for the listings page:

<li <?php job_listing_class(); ?>>
	<a href="<?php the_job_permalink(); ?>">
		<?php the_company_logo(); ?>
		<div class="position">
			<h3><b><?php the_title(); ?></b></h3>
			<div class="company">
				<?php the_company_name( '<span style="color:#219c09;">', '</span> ' ); ?>
				<?php the_company_tagline( '<span class="tagline" style="font-size:13px; font-weight:400";>', '</span>' ); ?>
		<div class="location">
			<span style="color:#e97442;"><?php the_job_location( false ); ?></span>
		<ul class="meta">
			<li class="job-type <?php echo get_the_job_type() ? sanitize_title( get_the_job_type()->slug ) : ''; ?>"><?php the_job_type(); ?></li>
			<li class="date"><date><span style="font-size:12px"><?php printf( __( '%s ago', 'wp-job-manager' ), human_time_diff( get_post_time( 'U' ), current_time( 'timestamp' ) ) ); ?></span></date></li>

I'm not good with PHP but I'm thinking this could be done with php using IF/THEN/ELSE statements somehow? For example: If user is Paid Member, Then Show 'Company Name', Else Show 'Company Hidden' text to Free/Vistors.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!