WPMUDEV plugin install and full member access

I installed the WPMUDEV-plugin on a first site via my computer at home. I was never asked for the API, but at some point entered my log-in details to WPMUDEV. Still the Dashboard showed me as a free member, which I am not, I am a full member.
Next day, at my office computer, I logged in to my website, and I had full access to all member features.
Just now, again at my OFFICE computer, I installed the plugin into another website. Again no question for the API, and again I am handled like a free member on this other, new site. On the previous one it still works properly.
Does registration just take so much time? Or did I do something right by coincidence the first time but don't know what?
Please help, how do I register a website as a full member to get access to themes, plugins etc.

  • Kingdom Studios

    Hey @Rudolf,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV and the forum. Glad you are here!

    Just checking, did you make sure that you selected "Already a member" during the setup?

    You may want to deactivate and delete the plugin and start over and make sure that you select that option. And if that doesn't work, you may want to do the same to both computers and then login to WPMU DEV in a separate window (not within WordPress) and reset the API and then reinstall the plugins.



  • Rudolf

    Hi Martin,
    thanks for your help. I fiddled around a bit in the meantime and could make it work now. I went on the manage item in Dashboard and next to the API (yes, it was there without me entering it) I chose "Edit". This brought me to a login screen where I entered my WPMUDEV credentials. And without further ado it now works!

    This might be an issue with the different logins/user name to WPMUDEV and my wordpress site?

    In any case, thanks again!

  • Alexander

    Hi @Rudolf,

    As martin pointed out, this can sometimes happen if you don't choose "already a member" It could have created an additional free account for you instead of logging into your paid account.

    Good to hear you got it working. The steps you described are exactly what I would have recommended next. It sounds like you just logged out of the free account, and linked your primary account.

    Take care!

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