WPMUDev Plugins that dont play nice together

I have been butting my head against the wall.

WPMUDev Video Tuitorials was only working if a mulsite subsite used original domain.

This of course meant Facebook Sync and settings for Comments Plus would not work correctly.

So I tossed the Videos plugin,

Then I kept running into issues with 3rd party plugins when using WPMUDEV domain mapping. As i dont pay $400 for them, I chose to toss the other plugins.

Then I noticed that when i use mapped domain, the dashboard visual editor breaks... It tries to load Javascript from the original domain for the MCE editor (this is only on the edit image/media frame once inserted into visual editor).

So i disabled mapped domain in admin dashboard. Totally forgetting about the ultimate facebook integration and comments plus.

5 days and about 10 support tickets later, I ran all sorts of tests on plugins. Installed WPMS into a new machine, put on the basics, and now I am down to this:

WPMUDev Domain Mapping just doesnt play nice with everything.

Solution of course is to use Rons MU Domain Mapping plugin, but then we lose the ability to sell a custom domain as a premium feature only available to paying customers :slight_frown:

...ie, pro sites :slight_frown:

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings in-mn,

    Thank you for your detailed post and very interesting indeed.

    It is true that not everything plays nice together and though you did not mention which theme you are using it plays into the equation as well.

    Regarding the videos, they have been through an update yesterday and the change log reads:

    - Update for new video embed codes and dimensions
    - Improved dashboard video player design and size
    - Added width and height arguments to shortcodes
    - Allow for disabling domain mapping check via WPMUDEV_VIDS_IGNORE_MAPPING

    And regarding Domain Mapping I have found that no matter who makes the plugin, I prefer Networks for WordPress plugin myself, but of course this does not address the issue nor purpose you have for wanting to use our Domain Mapping plugin.

    I would guess that some sacrifices were made to get it to integrate into Pro Sites, but not being a coder I cannot confirm this.

    But I can confirm that the Domain Mapping plugin does not play nice with everything and/or possibly the opposite but same effect everything does not play nice with Domain Mapping.

    Other then the videos, was there anything else causing you heartache regarding the Domain Mapping plugin?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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