WPMUDEV SEO not working after update

Updated WPMU DEV SEO to latest version couple of days back, but it seems that Title & Meta Optimization no longer works as it should. Titles and other metadata is still visible when editing posts and pages, but it is not used when page is constructed by php. Is there something I could to do sort this out ?

I’m using WPMUDev product theme. I have also tried to delete WPMU DEV SEO and reinstall it, but this did not help either.

I already lost my google rankings because of this… :slight_frown:

  • eriihine
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    I have 34 active plugins (mostly wpmudev plugins), but most of them have been active for a while and woking OK with WPMU DEV SEO v.1.0.5. Last week I only updated the WPMDEV SEO plugin and Front End Editor plugin. No other SEO plugins used or tried earlier. Ptoduct themes SEO options have also been disabled.

    Following change has been done to the themes header.php (no other changes):

    line 32: <?php wp_title(”:wink:; ?><?php if(wp_title(”, false)) { echo ‘ :’; } ?> <?php bloginfo(‘name’:wink:; ?>

    changed to:

    line 32: <?php wp_title(”:wink:; ?>

    The change to header.php was done to remove duplicate sitenames as part of the titles (sitename already part of WPMU SEO plugin title strings).

    I also tested with the original product theme yesterday to ensure that my changes were not the once causing problems. This was not the case.

    Thanks for your help..

  • eriihine
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    Are the older versions of WPMU DEV SEO plugin available somewhere? I could try to update the plugin in smaller steps on sandbox install to narrow the problem down a bit further (rather then going from 1.0.5 –> directly).

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Previously, we switched to a different kind of title rewrites to avoid users having to edit their theme files. Since you have already done so and the old way works for you, it is now re-introduced back for such advanced users. The new title replacement is also now improved to handle more edge cases.

    The latest release (v1.0.9.4, just released) should fix this issue. No extra configuration should be necessary.

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