WPMUDEV SUPPORT FORUM: Filters are needed per plugin

Hi WPMUDEV Website Admins and Developers

Could you please introduce Filters for plugins. Here is one example from the last 3 days:









As you can see here all those Threads have been posted in the last 3 days and been discussed more or less about the same problems - a BUG in Hummingbird - And today I even will reopen the Bug Report as the problem is still not solved completely.

I think it would be very beneficial for Members if they don't have to search so long - actually most already gave up to search for anything here as it is easier to post questions again and waiting that somebody else searches for you.

Especially concerning plugins it would help a lot of it would (it is actually as we enter all the specific plugin in the forms) filter out specific plugin problems. It is a hassle to search the lists here, which ZEROES the value of the often pretty good posts and solutions of members.

There MUST be a Filter for plugins and one for Resolved, Abandonned, Not Answered, Open.
too to find solutions fast!