WPMUDEV The Hub – Plugin Updates/Backups

Hi Support,

This ticket is generally about all websites, and not just the website I have stated above, and relates to the forum searching I have been incident here https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/the-hub-plugin-update-screen-empty-and-failed-update.

I have the same problem with every website I have with the WP Dashboard plugin installed, I cannot perform any central updates or initiate snap shot backups due to the error

cURL Error 51 : SSL peer ceretificate or SSH remote key was not found.

I believe the issue is when the call is initiated from your own website which is https, and then triggering to one of my websites that are not https. I can confirm this (I believe) when I click the WP-ADMIN button, I get a certificate validation error in my web browser stating that the certificate does not match. My hosting provider HeartInternet shows a certificate with a common name of *.secure.secure.co.uk, which is their default certificate that is presented when you attempt to connect to the https version of a website hosted with them, and you do not have a SSL certificate yourself. If I add the certificate as an override then the WP-ADMIN button works successfully. This leads me to believe that the other functionality is also hitting this same error.

I noticed from the previous ticket I have quoted you were reaching out to the developers to determine if this error could be bypassed in any way, an option within each site to ignore this error and continue regardless.

I look forward to your reply, as I would like to migrate my centralised backup and plugin update functionality to yourself and away from WPManage.

I look forward to your reply

Many Thanks

Andrew Read