WPMUDEV Themes are looking old and tired

Just thinking out loud here, the plug ins from wpmudev are great but the themes leave a lot to be desired.

They're really old and tired looking. Responsive design is a big movement right now and it seems none of these themes are responsive.

At the moment there's not one theme that I'd want to use on a site that I'd be putting my name to. The themes are the same as I was using when I first signed up two years ago.
I really think that this is somewhere that WPMUDEV have lapsed or perhaps I've missed a shift in focus.

I have theme subscriptions elsewhere and whilst I understand that they're dedicated theme developers, not plug in developers, the gap in quality is huge. However, very few offer BuddyPress themes.

I think if you guys could offer some quality, modern looking, responsive BuddyPress themes then you'd clean up (even more so than you do already).