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When I first arrived at your site (or maybe it has been via one of your newsletters, I recall seeing that there was some dispute WPMUDEV is addressing with WIX.com over the reuse, misuse of WPMUDEV Themes (for their subscriber base, I assume; I'm not their customer, but I have seen their ads). So now that I am rethinking my whole WP install and maybe going the multisite WP install route and the possibility to generate some fundraising for our group using your multisite plugin, I am left wondering: what is actually licensed or permitted if I add WPMUDEV themes to our members dashboard , but only I (or our club) has a WPMUDEV membership. For example - Do I modify any WPMUDEV theme into a "child" theme before I could permit it to be added to a paid subscriber's account and , if so, to what extent must it be modified to not find myself or our club in a legal conflict such as the WIX.com site. Or is it that really every subscriber / club member of ours would need to have an account with WPMUDEV in order to use your premium theme on a site organized by our club?

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Estelle,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    First of all there's a misunderstanding here. The WIX issue was called from Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-creator and Automattic CEO) about copying GPL code from WordPress mobile app. Please keep in mind that WPMUDEV has nothing to do with Automattic.

    As for our products, as stated in our Terms page here https://premium.wpmudev.org/terms-of-service/#licence

    All INCSUB, LLC Plugins, Themes and Support are provided as is under the GPL 2.0 license.


    Also, please keep in mind the "Ownership" section of our terms of services page here:

    Hope that was some help, feel free to post back here if more assistance is required!
    Warm regards,

  • Estelle

    I think I remain confused.
    Its not you, its me. :cry:
    If our club can't justify the $59 monthly fee to WPMUDEV - and we go the multisite route to make it easier to organize who does which aspects of administration of the various areas of our intended website - we either will not be able to update the installed components until we have the funds to cover the fee or *maybe* we need to contract with a WPMUDEV member to manage our website ( which is still a fee) .... basically, for a group who is not even handling revenue at this point and who may not generate even $1000 per year, I am trying to make sure we don't build ourselves a fancy website that everyone thinks looks great until they find out it wasn't a one time purchase, but might run us closer to $720 per year to maintain ( assuming we all continue to volunteer our time ) or more if we need to farm that out. And we did not understand when starting this little project that probably a "multi-site" installation of WP is smarter than the standard install - but that seems to be against the trial details of the WPMUDEV offer - ( seems that installing your components on a multisite WP is in conflict with the trial terms - so we aren't even installing anything yet and our trial is almost over)

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Estelle!

    Installing and using our themes and plugins on Multisite WordPress during trial period is not against any trial terms. You can use all the themes and plugin on regular single WP installs and on Multisite installs. You can even use them on more than one site.

    What is in conflict with trial terms is starting multiple trial periods. An example: you have signed up for trial and canceled right before it runs out and then (using different e-mail and card) you signed up again to get another 14 days free. It's not against trail rules however to use plugins and themes on Multisite or multiple sites.

    During the trial however you only can install plugins and themes using our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin but cannot download them (that gets "unblock" after you go for a full membership). For some plugins also keeping an active membership is a requirement because they use our API so we need to limit access to it in order to be able to provide resources that will let them work well. Those plugins are e.g. WP Smush Pro, Defender, Snapshot and some other.

    Such plugins may be significantly limited in features when a memberships is no longer active. Furthermore, even if there's no membership active you can still use our themes and plugins on as many sites as you wish. That's absolutely legal. However, some of the plugins (e.g. Membership 2 Pro) will just turn into "lite/free" versions and the rest will not but they will not get updates (that are only available with active memberships, both trial and full) and our support.

    I'm not really sure if that addresses your concerns well but I hope it helps at least a little :slight_smile: Don't hesitate to ask additional questions please if you still have any doubts :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    • Estelle

      Adam, thank you so much for that clarification .... I *really* did *not* get that understanding from the sign-up experience and now we have wasted more than HALF of our trial *not* downloading or installing the WPMUDEV themes for fear that we would waste our *one-time* trial download on something that we had not configured correctly even before finding this site/service. ... now, off to try to make best use of our remaining time. Thanks again.

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