Wrap Blog Name to the Next Line | Apply Separate Class | Link Blog Name to Blog's Homepage


I am currently using RGPW to so show "[Post] Title, Blog Name, and Content".

1) I would like to be able to separate the post title and blog name on different lines in order to free up some space in my design.

Currently the blog name is just appended and rolled into the post title as a part of the post title's link. The primary problem with that is if the post title is a little longer and the blog name is lengthy, then everything wraps ugly-like. It'd be nice to separate these to to allow for longer post titles and larger post title font-sizes.

2) I would like the Blog title to have its own, separate, targetable CSS class

That way I can make the blog name smaller in font-size or italicized (etc.), separate from the blog post link. Again, this offers more versatility with spacing. It also allows for flexibility in emphasizing the blog post title vs. the blog name.

3) I would like the option to link the blog name to that corresponding blogs' homepage and not the post title.

Would just be a nice option. :slight_smile: