Write code in the 'email content' section of the e-Newsletter


I'm customizing an email newsletter using the 'create newsletter' page of the e-Newsletter plugin. I have created a custom template, following directions found in the WMPUDev forums and it is loading fine. I'd like to be able to write some basic code in the 'email content' section on the template customization page. When I do put in some code, say to create a table or something, it shows the code itself in the visual editor, instead of the result of the code. One reason this could be happening is because it looks like the plugin is automatically putting everything in the 'email content' into paragraphs.

I could dig into the code of the plugin, but I really don't feel like it. What I'd like is a way to tell the 'email content' section to allow me to write in code and/or stop putting everything in paragraphs. I'd also like this fix to not be overridden in future plugin updates. Thanks a bunch!