Wrong Blog URL in Support System Emails


I've been using the Support System for the last couple months with a lot of good feedback. However, we noticed that the link sent to the user does not match their blog.

In our network each user that is submitting support tickets is only a user on one blog - so I thought that the link they would receive would match the blog that they are assigned to. However, it would appear that our system always uses the same sub-domain url in the email responses, which is not the main site.

I manage all support tickets from http://mydomain.com

Users either email support@mydomain.com or enter their ticket from the backend of their blog.

We are using multi-domain and domain mapping so users blog addresses can be:

http://theirdomain.com mapped from either of the above.

However, a user on http://blog.mydomain.com submits a ticket and in the reply they get a link from http://blog2.mydomain.com - all ticket response emails have this sub-domain in the link.

It does not appear to matter whether it is submitted via email or via the support desk. When I reply to the support ticket it does not matter what site I am on - the url in the email reply is the same sub-domain.

The url in the email reply is http://blog2.mydomain.com - however that particular site is using domain mapping - http://theirdomain.com

When the user clicks the link in the email they are taken to the site listed in the link but they are not able to login as they are not a user on that site.

We currently have 360+ sub-domains sites.

I am using WP 3.0.4 and Support System 1.6