Wrong feature images appears on homepage of BP Daily


I'm using WP 3.0 with BP Daily 3.3 child at http://www.threesheetsnw.com

The homepage is not displaying the selected featured image for a post that has more than one image in its gallery. Instead, it is apparently grabbing the last image uploaded.

I've disabled all plugins and the problem pesists.

I did some modification to the child theme to display thumbnails in the content row view. But the same problem is occuring in the featured story area as well (curently under the tabs configuration).

I'm uploading three screenshots that detail the issue. The first show the edit post view with the correct image selected as featured. The second is the single page view showing the featured image as the first one inserted into the post. And the final one is the homepage, showing a secondary image for the post, not the featured image.

Thanks much for you help!