Wrong plugin upgrade suggested by Wordpress

Team, my Wordpress suggest to upgrade Social Marketing to a new version (1.8.2) It brought my attention since the current version is 1.2.2. So I have entered in the upgrade details prior to do it but it referes to a different plugin made by FarReach.es ( wp-plugin@FarReach.es ). Actually the wrong plugin address is http://wordpress.org/plugins/socialmarketing/
Could you please help this error disapear?


  • Vaughan

    Hi @Domingo,

    This shouldn't happen if you have the wpmudev dashboard plugin installed, it's 1 of the reasons we recommend to use it. Though I do see you are just a single member, although you will not have access to the support access & auto-updates. It will prevent these upgrade notices.

    The reason is that there's a plugin on wp.org with exactly the same name, but a higher version, so they get confused, the Dashboard plugin hooks into the plugins system & stops this happening if it's not a wpmudev plugin. If you have the dashboard plugin installed and are still seeing the notice, let me know & i'll get the developer to look into it.

    Do not upgrade if it doesn't say wpmudev or incsub anywhere on the plugin details.

    Hope this helps