Wrong post titles shown in Live Stream Widget


We are using Live Stream Widget on the front page of our new blogging network to show the latest activity in the network. It has been live for a couple of days, but today I suddenly notice that the post titles mentioned in some of the updates are wrong. I have made some minor changes to the plugin (included post/comment content), but even if I revert to the original code, the bug persists.


This could be an update shown in the widget:

“John Doe commented on How to Ride a Bike on The Football Blog.”

However, the correct title of the post John Doe has commented on would be ‘This Week’s Best matches’, and ‘How to Ride a Bike’ would be the name of a post on ‘The Cycling Blog’ published half a year ago.

In other words: The post title shown in Live Stream Widget seems to be from a completely random blog post in the network. Not related to either the user who comment nor the owner of the blog.

I know that some bloggers in the network have imported posts from their old blogs. Could that be the reason of this bug, and do you have any ideas of how to fix it?

Kinds regards,

Mathias Hoffmann