Wrong 'sender' email address

We run WordPress as a MultiSite.

The Subscribe by Email tool is sending emails from an email address of a person that isn't remotely affiliated with the site. I can't find anywhere on this specific blog that has any reference to this person (he is not added to the 'users' list, his email address is not the one listed in the Settings, etc.). There is no reason he should be listed as the sender of these emails.

Has anyone reported this recently? I have never seen this before --- but we *did* just upgrade WordPress last Tuesday (related?).


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello dmpress,

    Is this email looks like "no-reply@yourdomain.com" or this is real user email? If its 'no-reply' then this is default setting for Subscribe by Email and you can change it in Network -> Settings -> Subscribe by Email

    If this is email of the real person, and that email is not in the settings of subscribe by email then it is possible that you maybe have installed SMTP plugin and that email address is configured to send emails from the site (but then all the email would go out from that address).

    kind regards,

  • dmpress

    Hi Kasia,

    It's a real person's email address...

    As for the Network settings - I don't see any settings for Subscribe by Email when I go to the Network Settings panel.

    Also, I've been running this site for a few years now, and have had Subscribe by Email installed for 1 or 2 of those years. This is the first time something like this has happened. We didn't install anything new recently on our production system - but we did upgrade WordPress.

    I think the plugin itself was last updated back in June. It's possible that this update introduced the problem - most of the sites that use the plugin are most active from Sept - May, during the school year.

  • dmpress

    Hi Kasia,

    I fixed it! After you mentioned the Network settings, which I was missing, I disabled and re-enabled the plugin. Magic! The Network settings appeared, and the rogue email address was there.

    It still baffles me that this particular person's address was selected, and that the problem only came up this week.

    In any case, all is well now.

    Thanks for leading me in the right direction! I didn't realize what I was missing.


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