Wrong sitemap created for domain and subdomain


I am using WP 3.5 Multisites, BP 1.6.2 and Infinite-seo-1.5.2

I have a root domain

and sub domains :

social.fansfoot.com (using buddypress)

Sitemap for tv.fansfoot.com is ok

Sitemap for fansfoot.com and social.fansfoot are wrong

There is a wrong structure. BuddyPress is used for social.fansfoot.com Fansfoot.com is a landing portal for my different websites.

http://fansfoot.com/sitemap.xml include BuddyPress groups but with wrong URL (Ex : 404 error ---> http://fansfoot.com/groups/europe/Italy/ac-milan/ ).

The right adress must include "social" at the begining : http://social.fansfoot.com/groups/europe/Italy/ac-milan/

http://social.fansfoot.com/sitemap.xml doesn't include BuddyPress groups. There is only static pages.

The impact is huge on my SEO and Google indexing.

I get very bad feedback when I checked with Google webmaster tool.

Please advise.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    As Timothysaid, if you're having BuddyPress activated on a non-standard blog (set with BP_ROOT_BLOG define), the v1.5.2 will behave as described. This should be fixed in the latest plugin release (v1.5.3, just released), can you please verify? Also, if you're not doing this already, you might also want to switch your Infinite SEO configuration to per-site mode:

    define('WDS_SITEWIDE', false);

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