Wrong sitemap created for domain and subdomain


I am using WP 3.5 Multisites, BP 1.6.2 and Infinite-seo-1.5.2

I have a root domain


and sub domains :

social.fansfoot.com (using buddypress)


Sitemap for tv.fansfoot.com is ok

Sitemap for fansfoot.com and social.fansfoot are wrong

There is a wrong structure. BuddyPress is used for social.fansfoot.com Fansfoot.com is a landing portal for my different websites.

http://fansfoot.com/sitemap.xml include BuddyPress groups but with wrong URL (Ex : 404 error —> http://fansfoot.com/groups/europe/Italy/ac-milan/ ).

The right adress must include “social” at the begining : http://social.fansfoot.com/groups/europe/Italy/ac-milan/

http://social.fansfoot.com/sitemap.xml doesn’t include BuddyPress groups. There is only static pages.

The impact is huge on my SEO and Google indexing.

I get very bad feedback when I checked with Google webmaster tool.

Please advise.