Wrong url after update – can´t reach the posts

I have a multisite installation, and after upgrading to the latest WP 4.3 (I don't know if that's the reason), I can't reach the posts in front end.
When I look at the permalink structure of the site this is what's choosen (like before):
But I can't remember having this "/blog/" part in my link before. How do I get rid of that?

If I go to one of my posts (back end) an click "show" I can see it (front end) with the link: "http://www.sitename.se/tools/blog/postname/" but if I try to view all posts entering "http://www.sitename.se/tools/blog/" I get a page that says "It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for."

I get the same result (nothing) if I write the correct url "http://www.sitename.se/tools/nyheter/" to the page I have choosen for my posts.

I suppose it has something to do with the link structure, but what? And where/how do I correct it?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Beng,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    It seems that somehow the permalink structure has been broken. Would you mind if I took a closer look at your setup? To do this I'd need to access your site directly via our WPMU DEV plugin.

    You may grant me a support access by following this guide:


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Bengt!

    I've visited your site and checked it's settings.

    On main site (/tools/) I've been able to access post via "view post" link from inside post edit screen as well as directly by post URL (tried in another browser, being logged out of your site). This part seems to be working fine then. Also, the /tools/nyheter/ loads a list of post.

    The "/blog/" part in post URL is there because this is a MultiSite WP sub-directory install. By default WP adds this "/blog/' part to make it possible to differentiate between main site blog posts and sub-sites. Take this example into account:

    - there's a post named "my super idea"
    - there's a sub-site called 'my super idea"

    - withouth "/blog/" prefix both would have URLs like "domain.com/my-super-idea" which would lead to a conflict.

    The "sitename.se/tools/blog/" page doesn't show any content because you've selected /nyheter/ page as a post listing page. The easiest way around here I think would be to redirect /blog/ to /nyheter/ so anyone trying to access post listing through /blog/ would be automatically moved to /nyheter/ page.

    Adding this line to your .htaccess file should help:

    RewriteRule /blog/$ /nyheter/ [R=301,L]

    This will only redirect the /blog/ page but shouldn't affect post URL and will also inform search browsers/search engines that the redirection is permanent (no indexing errors e.g. in Google therefore).

    As for speed issue.

    I can confirm that the dashboard is incredibly slow. I took a look at your server's PHP config (via our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin) and it doesn't seem to be particularly strict or "low-resources". I've also run an external speed test and found out that there's a number of caching and plugin related speed issues.

    Most resource-hungry plugins seem to be:

    1. Campaign Monitor Ajax Form
    2. RevSlider
    3. WPML

    I understand though that these plugin are essential for your site so deactivation is most likely out of the question. I've noticed that you've installed both P3 performance plugin and WP Super Cache.

    Have you tried to run P3 to test for most "heavy" queries?

    Also, upon my own experience I could recommend giving a try this plugins instead of "WP Super Cache" + "IThemes Security":

    1. Our WP Smush Pro for optimizing images
    2. Wordfence Security for securing your page and, at the same time, giving it a speed boost (it includes quite an efficient cache engine).

    I hope that helps!


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