WSA Plugin Installation and Usage

I know this has been referenced a small bit in other posts, but I am hoping for some confirmation on a couple of things.

1. There are no installation instructions with this plugin. I put all three files in mu-plugins and after logging in as Admin on my main blog, I had to go to a user blog-->backend to see the Who Sees Ads options. Is this the intended usage?

2. Maybe I didn't understand correctly, but I thought this plugin was only for me (the admin of my MU install) to configure, and to force it's usage across all my user blogs. I logged in as a user on one of my blogs and I don't have access to the WSA options, which makes sense. However, my question is then, if I am the only one (as the MU admin) who can configure the WSA options, must I go into every user blog backend and configure the settings?

What I was expecting was to be able to configure the WSA settings one time and have those settings across all my user blogs. Am I misunderstanding?