Has Disappeared


Thank you for your recent message informing me my website is down i.e., “Our systems have detected that your site – – went down on Jun 16, 2017 8:04am and is returning “504 Gateway Timeout.””

I tested to see if the issue had resolved itself, and it hadn’t so I contacted BlueHost. The WordPress tech advised me it was probably due because the site using an older version of PHP and the more recent releases of WordPress only work with the more current versions. So we upgraded PHP to 5.6. We also updated WordPress, its corresponding themes and a couple of plug-ins using the BlueHost WordPress Tools dashboard, but the site still wouldn’t render.

As we continued to perform research, we also discovered there were two listings for in the BlueHost WordPress Tools dashboard. One was and the other was The tech opened the folders and informed me that both were empty. Not sure how that happens if the system is prompting for updates but in finally accessing the cPanel in BlueHost and reviewing the File Manager myself I’ve found this to be the case.

I’ve no idea how this has happened since I’d just viewed the site on June 8th. I’m completely perplexed. I asked the BlueHost Support Tech to check if there was anything in their logs indicating who was in the File Manager last and what was done. All that could be found were the tasks we’d performed together during the call. Recently, I purchased an SSL certificate for one of my other sites titled which is also hosted by BlueHost and shared this information with the BlueHost Support Tech thinking it may be relevant. The invoice stated this:

product description term qty price

Dedicated IP : from 2017-06-08 to 2019-01-08 month 19 5.99

PositiveSSL Certificate : from 2017-06-08 to 2018-06-08 year 1 49.99

As far as I know, the site was up and running until I received your email today. I’m at a total loss. Any ideas? Could BlueHost have overwritten the files contained in with those belonging to based on the above invoice?

I did create a backup of the site on January 7, 2017 via Backup Buddy, but I’m unsure where to install the backup.

I look forward to hearing from you.