WSOD when try to download picture

Hi ,

WSOD download click on Whats up Marty photo on yfo.primary 1 st cloud when download attempt from first cloud Cheer nation by just clicking on picture. Further, notification is sent to email that successful download.


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    Unable to Upload beyond 14.65 megabyte file to enterprise server.

    Changeed php.ini to reflect 13 GB, however unsure if works, my experience ws to alter the config as well.

    The WSOD has been there a while now. Was hoping it was gone.

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    Hi Michael. Did you write to the wpconfig and/or the htaccess yesterday at around 5:30 pm? It’s ok if you did , you are allowed I am just trying to trace the steps here ,, not yours, it was written to etc.

    With the whole redirect issue constant nights at the server I use right on top of it, no progresss with the site during this time. I am considering migrating the project to another server. could you recommend one? I know of one that is dedicated to multisite and fast.

    If you click on a picture in the cloud you it wsod’s and says it did download give it a shot. Look like a Sitelock thing?

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    Fixed the issue. Changed the value to 15 GB now able to upload download etc.

    The WSOD was Chrome, switching to incognito fixed the issue. Beautiful Enterprise Functionality enables users to go into all sorts of options, go to the Encrypted CLCShare Cloud Enterprise Sited, and also venture to the CLCShare Cloud login WHERE THEY COULD THEN USE1400 APPS AND THE CLCSHARE CLOUD SYNC BYOD!!!!!!!!!

    NOW al that needs to be done is to fix the various redirects which appears to be a multisite issue. Cleaning up the site, Categories tags broken liniks etc has worked so far. Specifically right now there is a Redirect on yfclc and I am thinking of just deleting that site because…. I dont need it… I am going to focus on yf and so if there is any issues pleas help me point them out before I clone a lLEGION of DOOM aka gfc for all you hard core clc fans…

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