WSP Admin very slow - what more can I say?

Starting this morning, my WP Admin area has been very, very slow. I disabled all the plugins, and everything reverted to the normal lightning response I a accustomed to. I enabled the plugins one by one and after enabling WPMU DEV Dashboard everything slowed down again.

There was an update for WordPress SEO (Yoast) this morning, but I can't recall if the admin area was slow before I did the update - it was the first thing I did this morning,.

  • NettSite
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Ari,

    I installed it, and ran a test before network enabling the dashboard, and the resulsy displayed quit quickly, and showed a 38.9% plugin impact.

    I enabled the dashboard, and ran a test again, and plugin impact was 95.4% - and that was almost all the Domain Mapping plugin - 4.024 seconds of 4.172.

    I decided to do another test with dashboard enabled, and domain mapping disabled, which meant I had to load the network admin page to change the plugins, but I noticed as I did that, everything was fast again, with the dashboard and domain mapping enabled, so I ran the third test like that, and plugin impact had dropped to 42.1%.

    Seems your magic touch has resolved the issue without anyone doing anything!

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Seems your magic touch has resolved the issue without anyone doing anything!

    LOL Perhaps it was a server issue then and just happened to be resolved by your host at the exact time you were performing your tests. Perhaps not... In any case I'm glad your issue was resolved, even if it was resolved by magic.

    Take care!

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