www in mu domains – possible to change to without www.?


Over a year ago I had a group redesign and update my sight. I requested a multi site as I wanted a different color scheme on the various elements of my business plus control over sidebars, etc that would be different for each business element site.

I recently asked about setting up RSS feeds and receive the note below from Joe.

So, this question – given that I too have noticed some strange behavior on occasion, should (could) I change the sites domains to remove the www. ? What all would be involved to make this happen?



Greetings Fred,

Thank you for the question and digging in a bit I found a couple of strange anomalies going there due to the fact when I visit using the www I get a different reaction then when not using the www.

When you set up your MultiSite did you not follow the NO www domain name by any chance as shown in the WordPress Codex?


Note the first image and no www for a MultiSite network:


Please advise.

Cheers, Joe