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Helou Fellows !

I am opening VOLUNTARY Portal Which aim is
1. Youth unemploiment and
2. elderly people Abuse and torture in nursing homes.

Both are worst things in the modern western world!

Site activities shoud rock all WordPress like these plugins.

- WP MU + New ore fixed Theme
- WooComerce and BuddyPress
- BBPress and Newsletters
- Research and Surveys
- Link manager and scientific library


Country Comparison > Unemployment, youth ages 15-24
Rank Country Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 (%)
2 Greece 55.3
3 Kosovo 55.3
4 Macedonia 53.9
5 Spain 53.2
142 more rows Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 - Country Comparison - IndexMundi

I am Martin, 67 Years Finn, paralysis and abused person.

You can also send prive meil if you have any extra energy to do some little Pro Bono Work.
Ore give offer fix some part of the site.
Ore bild up society with me to help in digital way those two very unhappy many hundred miljons of people groups.