WYSIWYG or TinyMCE in Studio theme text boxes

Hi, I'm working with the Studio theme; in a number of the theme options such as Header Title, it's possible to use html code to format the content. Is there any way to install a WYSIWYG or TinyMCE or some other visual editor that would allow formatting of the content/text boxes easier? For a one person IT department, that would be easier than having to remember all of the correct html codes



  • Mason

    Hiya Brian,

    Thanks for your feedback here. It's actually a bit of a challenge to add your own tinyMCE editor to areas of the WordPress admin. However, this is changing in WordPress 3.3 so the possibility for something like this definitely is increasing. We're revisiting theme options at the moment and I'll mark this for the devs to take a look at. If it's something that can be integrated they'll definitely take a look.

    Anyone else looking for this?

  • Tammie

    We don't have any plans on adding this to our options however as Mason says never say never if enough users want it. We won't be doing it for 3.3 updates though.

    We are actually moving away from having such complex theme options and having more simple ones that just work using the built in custom post types and other things - thus avoiding the use for things even like this in the theme. Studio is one of our older themes and if we do make changes to theme options eventually it would get updated.

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