XML-RPC and ATOM are not in Network or Site Settings


I want to enable XML-RPC.

I went to Site > Settings > Writing and the bottom half of the page is empty. In single site WordPress installs this is where I'd find the XML-RPC option.

I went to Network Admin > Dashboard > Settings and there are only three submenu items:

Network Settings, Network Setup (and WP Super Cache). In both Network Settings and Network Setup--no XML-RPC.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there, AO!

    A funny thing happened on the way to WP3.5, like, they got rid of this option! If you go to the Codex page at:


    you'll see under settings that one of the changes implemented was:

    Enable XML-RPC by default, remove Writing Settings option

    I reckon those single sites that you referenced in your question won't have this option either! Have a look and let us know. It'd be interesting what you find. As I mentioned before, I really only do Multisite, but I'm always interested in anything WordPress!

    Hope this helps!


  • anotheropus

    Hey Pali! :slight_smile:

    This is NOT good.

    The reason I need this is to input MS Word documents -- WITH the images in the documents in tact.

    When I cut and past the doc into WP the images only appear as white boxes with borders - ugh.

    There must be some way to enable XML-RPS for pushing content from a Microsoft Word file, or a Google doc, or whatever--all sources.

    I being the quest.

    Thank you for the notes my friend,


  • anotheropus

    Hello Paul,

    I also looked deeper into this issue. And I found out what you've mentioned--that settings are gone but the support isn't.

    A little bit about what I did.

    As a test, I installed a WordPress at HostGator. They do not have a default WPMU setting. So I chatted with their tech support to see if WPMU was possible--this being the reason for the test. They told me there was no way to natively install WPMU at HostGator but they gave me the link to the WordPress Codex where it walks you through converting a single site WP into a WPMU. It's not fun.

    I went through all the steps and decided that while I like HostGator support, I'm not going to install any more WPMUs there.

    I tried getting an MS Word doc into the site and after about three hours total investment into setup, reconfig to WPMU, testing and searching to get the Word doc into a post I scrapped it.

    I went over to my GreenGeeks account where I can setup a WPMU install, by checking a box in the CPanel install page. I setup a new WPMU and created a post from the Word Doc in less than 15 minutes. Granted that time was shortened by about 15 minutes out of the previous research.

    The short story is that by posting to WordPress from Word I was able to keep the images in the post. If I try to copy the content from a Word doc into WordPress it makes a place holder box for the image--but no image. Then when I looked at the HTML view of the post content it's referring to my local C drive to get the image.

    And while I think there may be some security risks, it seems like a really, really good idea to go ahead and share my C drive with the internet so that it can pull images into posts. :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

    The way to quickly get a Word 2007 doc into a post is to open a new word doc as a blog template.

    In Word go to File > New and it will give you template choices (you can't do this by clicking the New doc icon).

    In Templates look for New blog post. Click it. Actually double click it.

    Create new content, or copy and paste the content you want from another doc.

    In the menu on top you'll see the Blog Post tab. Click Manage Accounts, then click New.

    Choose WordPress, add in the Blog post URL, and open RoboForm and get the User Name and Password. I cannot live without RoboForm.

    In the future when you want to post something from Word you'll need to be careful to remember to select which of you sites you want to post to.

    And for the record I'm not a fan at all of Microsoft's HTML code behind a Word doc. This is just one way to get something done. And in my case It was a heck of a lot faster than going page by page in a Word doc, extracting the images and saving them in an image format, naming them for the part of the article they came from, and then uploading those images in the new nifty 3.5 media uploader and then going into the post and figuring out where I'll insert the images...

    So this gives us all another trick for our pony :slight_smile:



  • anotheropus

    Hey Paul :slight_smile:

    *!* Merry Christmas *!*

    I was joking about sharing the C drive! :slight_smile:

    Yeah, it took a lot of steps to learn how to set things up the first time. And while I use Word many times each day, I prefer to do all my WP editing inside of the WP site itself. Fewer moving parts. And while Word is love/hate, it super for formatting some things.

    I know I can integrate content with AWS / Amazon S3, and I've been interested to look at integrating WordPress with various Google tools--I LIVE on Gmail and Chrome. But the problem with Google tools, and third party Google tools, is they BOTH randomly change or completely go away--so I'm not too interested in wiring up WordPress to Google. Too many unreliable moving parts. If Google was as solid as WordPress I think I'd say good bye even to Microsoft. But Google keeps missing the boat on that one. They could sink MS if they wanted to.

    And I'll ONLY install WPMU when it is a native install from the start. I'll never do that manual method again.

    BTW After I install WP I always delete the Admin user, change the default table prefix, and remove a handful of other features that may expose WP. I mention this because I occasionally read a post here and there where somebody is adamant that we should always install WP manually and never install it from something like CPanel.

    Geez, I feel like I'm blogging here now :slight_smile:



  • aristath

    Hello there @anotheropus, I hope you're well today!

    We haven't heard back from you in 2 months, so I will assume that you have resolved your issue and go ahead and mark this thread as resolved.

    If you're still looking for some further assistance with this thread then please feel free to reopen the thread or of course for any new and related issues you are most welcome to open a new thread.


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