Yet another Domain Mapping question

I am trying to get the Domain Mapping plugin working but it just...isn't.

I've got set up, and active, running wpmu with several blogs set up as, etc etc working fine.

I've got that I am trying to map to one of the blogs on I've created the A record in the DNS info and the domain currently points to a blank test page on the server.

I've added as a custom domain on the Domain Mapping page. Having doublechecked that the sunrise.php line is uncommented in wp-config and that the sunrise.php that came with the Domain Mapping plugin is in the wp-content folder, everything *should* just work at this point (from what I can tell from the install notes and description on the site). doesn't. I still have the generic test page from the server.

I should add that this is a shared hosting server, and that already it seems like they're doing something similar with the way they manage the different domains on the server -- for example, if you pull the server up by ip or servername, you get some guy's random website that happens to be on the server, but once you have your DNS stuff set up for the domain, according to the ISP, it just "works" -- and i'm assuming it does that by apache rules. I haven't dug very deep into the wpmu code or the domain mapping code, but from what I understand, that's essentially how mu handles the subdomains -- establishing rules and filters in the htaccess. so i understand that it's possible that this just won't work on this setup. in which case, would a unique ip address help? is there some kind of .htaccess hacking i need to do or could do to make this work? is there something i'm missing in the process?

thanks in advance!

(<-- kmiller's web guy)

  • Andrew


    How do you have pointed at your WPMU install? The domain needs to be pointing to the WWW directory your wpmu install is in.

    Unfortunately that's not something we can assist with since you're on a shared hosting account and don't have access to the apache config files. I think some cPanel users have pulled this off by adding the domain as an addon domain.


  • Barry

    It looks like you have the domain pointing to the server so that it serves it's own site. You need to point it, as Andrew says, to the same root directory as your main site.

    You'll know that it's working (without the domain mapping being set up) if you see the error message "No WPMU site defined" (or words to that effect) when you try to view it.

    Adding the domain mapping then gets rid of this message and serves the correct blog.

    Did you set up the additional domain on your server? Or did your hosts do it for you?

  • kmiller

    Well it's not cPanel, it's NodeWorx, which is a backend I'm less familiar with. I added the domain as a secondary domain under the main account and I checked the DNS information and it was pointing to the same IP as the main ( site. However, that is partially what makes me wonder if it's even possible with this server configuration -- because that IP address is used for all of their other sites as well, and they have their own filtering rules that sort out what goes where. It's also set up as a reseller account, because, in terms of how we intended to use the site, that fit best for requirements and whatnot. Presumably the other sites hosted on this server are reseller accounts as well (I'm just guessing).

    The DNS controls in NodeWorx are fairly limited. I don't have the ability to specify a target directory. And while I could probably contact the host and ask them to make the change, if we need to do that for every blog user who wants to set up domain mapping, it could get old. But as it stands now, the DNS records for match the DNS records for, just on a different domain. Which is about the best I can do with that backend.

    Do either of you have any idea if getting a unique, static IP address for her domain would help at all, so at least the IP address that everything was pointing to was specific to our site and not a generic address that was subject to whatever server directives the host has set up?

    I'm hesitant to contact the host's support just because I don't anticipate they'd know as much about wpmu as you guys, but it's looking like that's my next step.

  • Andrew


    Unfortunately I've never even heard of NodeWorx before now so I really can't provide any advice on that.

    All I can tell you is that in order for the domain mapping to work the addon domain must be pointing at the same www directory your WPMU install is in. I'm afraid I really don't have any clue how to accomplish that with the control panel you're using. It's probably best to ask your host for assistance with this step.


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