Yet another Domain Mapping question

I am trying to get the Domain Mapping plugin working but it just…isn’t.

I’ve got set up, and active, running wpmu with several blogs set up as, etc etc working fine.

I’ve got that I am trying to map to one of the blogs on I’ve created the A record in the DNS info and the domain currently points to a blank test page on the server.

I’ve added as a custom domain on the Domain Mapping page. Having doublechecked that the sunrise.php line is uncommented in wp-config and that the sunrise.php that came with the Domain Mapping plugin is in the wp-content folder, everything *should* just work at this point (from what I can tell from the install notes and description on the site). But…it doesn’t. I still have the generic test page from the server.

I should add that this is a shared hosting server, and that already it seems like they’re doing something similar with the way they manage the different domains on the server — for example, if you pull the server up by ip or servername, you get some guy’s random website that happens to be on the server, but once you have your DNS stuff set up for the domain, according to the ISP, it just "works" — and i’m assuming it does that by apache rules. I haven’t dug very deep into the wpmu code or the domain mapping code, but from what I understand, that’s essentially how mu handles the subdomains — establishing rules and filters in the htaccess. so i understand that it’s possible that this just won’t work on this setup. in which case, would a unique ip address help? is there some kind of .htaccess hacking i need to do or could do to make this work? is there something i’m missing in the process?

thanks in advance!


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