Yet another (sorry) recent global post issue :(

Hi There,

Firstly here is my site...

Some spin off blogs:

(All currently using the same dummy content import to speed up post population)

Lovely isn't it? :slight_smile: - I am trying to replace the homepage posts and all subsequent posts with the homepage next and previous array with collated global posts ordered by date of publication, clicking each post image/except should then lead onto the correct post at the correct url...

Now i know there are a couple of plug ins to do this for me however none seem to work with even the simplest calls, let alone the harder stuff; by this i mean i can not get them to print anything at all? <-- now before you say it yes; i've 'checked they are in the correct directories etc...' :slight_frown:

Most noticeably I have used the two plugins below:

- List All Posts
- Most recent posts

Ok, so thinking 'oh well maybe it's something to do with this theme or something then (which it shouldn't be...) i reverted back to the standard nasty wpmu default however i get no joy with this either...

I had one of my backend developer friends look this over and after 40 minute of interrogating the scripts managed to explain that the plugins are not querying the database correctly to get the information they require in order to make their calls... '$wpdb->blogs' doesn't exist - has no value at all, so they aren't actually 'not connecting' they just aren't getting the correct settings or some such... right?

Ok so...

I used this call:
<?php display_recent_posts(35,120,300,'
','','','<p>','</p>','<p>','</p>','yes','yes',64); ?>


<?php echo list_all_wpmu_posts(5, 100, '<p>', '</p>', '<p>', '</p>','show','show','show'); ?>

and literally nothing appeared at all on the pages...

I have attached one of the array dumps that was created from list_all_wpmu_posts as i assume this will help with a possible solution.

I am using WPMU 2.9.2 with the AutoFocus theme - i have simply created an install, added dummy content to some created blogs.

My current mu plugin list looks like this (incase of known conflicts):

list-all-posts.php <-- currently not on the server, didn't want to have both recent and list all include at the same time in case of conflicts...

... so my question then is:

Why wont this work man, seriously? There aren't even any errors to debug?

I'm sorry if this issue has been addressed anywhere previously but i honestly cant find the answers to my problems - if there is already a fix please point me in the correct direction - if i am being an idiot feel free to hit me with sticks.

Thanks in advance,