Yoast vs. Infinite SEO — Feature Comparison

Can someone give me a run-down, feature comparison of the two plugins — Yoast’s WordPress SEO & WPMU Dev’s Infinite SEO?

I know that Yoast’s is more reputed in the WordPress & SEO community, but I need to know about the features.

If this matters, let me give you a quick rundown of my website:

It’s runs WordPress, has a blog, BuddyPress, and bbPress (through BuddyPress only for group forums — no sitewide forums). I know that Yoast isn’t great with BuddyPress, but there are some solutions that I’ve found:



Anyways, all I’m looking for is a rundown of the features on both plugins and comparison. I’ve heard Yoast has more features, but need a list of both to really see.

Thanks in advance. Please respond as soon as possible. All help is appreciated.