Yoast WordPress SEO VS. WPMU Infinite SEO

Tried both, Yoast looks slightly better with fancy tutorials, but not sure how it compares feature wise. I plan to only activate one soon.


  • Gabe
    • The Bug Hunter

    Both are great plugins and have comparable features. Infinite SEO is easier, but Yoast allows you to get more into the weeds. Infinite SEO is simpler, but Yoast is more detail oriented.

    For example, Infinite SEO offers automatic linking which can be incredibly useful. Yoast doesn’t and encourages more attention to detail to ensure high quality content. For example, you can customize each post to a high level of detail (i.e. meta info).

    Hope this helps.

  • Gabe
    • The Bug Hunter

    My objective is having certain pages (services, fees, contact us) to stand out on Google Search eventually. Maybe business contact info.

    Get listed in Google Places (assuming you’re local) and other directories. Over the last couple of years the capacity and usability of metadata has increased that, if used correctly, can increase visibility in the search engines. For example, meta geo-location, hcards with contact info, social tags, authorship, etc. It gets tricky though, because search engines use/ignore different tags. For example, Google used to ignore geo tags while Bing didn’t, so Google Places was your best bet. Not sure who uses what these days.

  • bentemple
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’ve found Yoast to be incredibly helpful in getting our sites onto prominent positions on Google, as long as you put some research into your keyword phrases first and the writing on your pages is in depth and quality you should have no problem with the plugin itself – it basically tells you where you’re going wrong or right at every step – and making those lights turn green is something really satisfying!

    Gabe’s tip on getting listed on Google places helps loads for lots of businesses as often the places section of a search can take up 10 spots, it does take a while to get verified usually though!

    I’d also recommend getting listed on some relevant directories and checking out http://www.grader.com – that’ll give you some in depth analysis on how to improve your site.

    Hope that helps….

  • shsu
    • Flash Drive

    Gabe: Thanks! Listed in Google Places and got verified.

    bentemple: Great insight on Yoast – will start with Infinite SEO first though because I don’t have all the content up and ready. Grader seems like a pretty awesome tool. I will definitely try that out.

    Timothy: When is the next major update for Infinite SEO? The last update is 2 months ago. Looking forward to more general improvements!

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