You don?t always need a dedicated IP

Hey there,
this is not really a question but more of a tutorial for some other desperate fellows.

You all know the dedicated IP issue...

So we finally made it work without a dedicated IP:

Here´s how:

Our Setup:
- VServer with hosteurope
- Plesk panel (11.5)
- Some client sites AND our MU install on the same IP (so basically shared)

What you will need to do:
- Login to Plesk Panel
- Navigate to "Tools&Settings"
- ->"IP Adresses"
- select your "shared" IP
- Set your MU install as default site

This way every time you enter your IP in your browser, your MU install gets displayed. (Same behavior as it was on a dedicated IP)

After that you are able to register your domains with any registrar you wish, set your DNS correctly and then use the Domain Mapping plugin.

I hope this helps some others who might have the same issue since it took us 1.5 days to get up and running.