You guys requested

You guys requested from my auto blog ticket that I separate everything so here we go :0)
In the ticket you did answer my question about the Multi Site, But I am still lost but this ticket is dedicated to the Multi site.
Back in the day it was easy to turn wordpress into a multi site then a couple of years ago they changed it.

the auto blog ticket you guys said I can keep my main site like it is while still having a muiti site platform for the mini sites. including keeping my main site theme etc.
I would like to know if you can help me to set up a multi site

I also would like to know if you can walk into my admin panel again I granted access it is good for 5 days if you can check everything out and let me know if I need to do anything first before installing and setting up a multi site or if I need to do it in reverse first.

Everything is fixed with the Auto Blog, The only thing left that is crashing the server is your SEO Plugin so I removed it. and I need to install a plugin Cache that does not crash my server your WP cache crashed it. now it may be that I screwed up the settings but right now only 2 of your plugins are installed autoblog and the wpmu admin panel.

I have a dedicated managed server with Hostgator the basic package and 1 site the dedicated server is dedicated to my main site and for the WPMU install
And If I remember correctly from the past we can rack in more servers as needed and have the other servers take the database loads or what not.

Sorry for the rants, I am very intrigued with your plugins but have yet to be successful with them - except now with autoblog from your guided help - I am 100% reader/listener funded and is how I pay you guys and I took a big dip this past week from the auto blog issues but we are gaining traction again.

God Bless, Your Long Term Customer...

  • Nithin

    Hi James,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    the auto blog ticket you guys said I can keep my main site like it is while still having a muiti site platform for the mini sites. including keeping my main site theme etc.
    I would like to know if you can help me to set up a multi site

    I checked your old thread, and it seems like the what our support staff is suggested is to, convert your existing single WordPress install, into a multisite. Changing the install into a multisite, will make your present site into a primary site.

    While creating a network, you can select how you want your subsites url to be displayed, ie either subdomain, or a different path. For eg, for subdomain it would be:

    For a different path/sub directory it would be:

    let me know if I need to do anything first before installing and setting up a multi site or if I need to do it in reverse first.

    Would recommend you to backup your website, before setting up a multisite. You could make use of our Snapshot plugin in order to take a backup. You'll have to make sure that the pretty permalinks are working on a single install, I did check your website, and it's configured to pretty permalink, and it should work fine.

    You'll also have to deactivate the plugins, and activate once the network is created.

    Please do note that if your current website is more that one month old, you can only use subdomain site path, ie

    When it comes to database, in a multisite environment, there is only a single database, however when a new site is created, new tables related to each site is created. You can check the database structure in the link below:

    You can follow these links in order to create a multisite environment:

    Sorry to know that you were having issues with running other plugins, if you haven't created a thread related to this, would recommend you to create a new thread for plugins you are having issues with, so that one of our support staffs could help get this sorted asap.

    Please let us know if you still need any further assistance. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • SavvyTurtle

    Alright Thank You,
    I will follow your multi site thread and start the install today, I do want sub domains, You guys helped me to back up and restore my site from crappy godaddy servers to my dedicated server with duplicator pro as snapshot was not doing it for me. - Can you guys come back in my admin panel and assist me once again with backing up my site because all of the settings are confusing to me.

    God Bless I will go read the MU articles so I can prep my mind for the network install,

    as to the sub domains is what i request, but at some point I would like help installing your mask domain plugin at a later date so I can give my paid users an option to use another domain from either leasing one of our, registering one or bringing their own.

    God bless I will await response from you with help to back up before I do a network install.

  • SavvyTurtle


    Do I need to open a new thread for help with setting up my network for a free/paid subscription like edublogs. I know you guys have some good plugins for that but I need help with those along with help with doing the right settings etc. similar to what you guys do and recommend so I charge right, they are getting the right amount of space etc. and the server is not compromised. and it will allow me to further offset my costs with you guys and my server expenses once I get this nailed down.

    as to the free subscription do you guys have an option for me to display ads network wide or would I need to pay you guys to make a plug in for me to do that, I am sure one of you guys already thought of this as you been doing this forever successfully.
    Along with making me a plugin where I can sell domains via one of my domain reseller accounts if they want to register one instead of bringing one. or using one of my names in the list besides the main one.

    God Bless. - I am excited, We got the autoblog hashed out and now we have the MU Installed we are on the right path with getting the rest of the plugins hashed out...

  • SavvyTurtle

    I found out that I am screwed for changing the permilinks to the main site to %postname% as now no articles work.

    From your community they talk about changing them individually and also talk about tables and finally talk about using multiple plugins to change each one in bulk for someone like me with 3600 posts to change. - So I am stuck with this part because no one suggests the plugsins.

    2. one suggested a plugin on wordpress to remove the blog slug for multisites. but I cannot even attempt to install it right now as the main site is stuck on the global settings of 100MB

    3. I want to install the WPMUDEV plugin for free/paid subscriptions and make 1 extra package for the Super Admin main site to Unlimited no restrictions unless there is a better and easier way not to restrict the main site.

    As to everything else, wild cards is on and set, rewrite is on everything is configured as instructed, I updated wpconfig, .htaccess and installed without a hitch, reactivated my plugins and finding my way around the new admin panel.

    The main things now that is primary to me before continuing in the WPMU Community with installing with guidence of new plugins from you guys is the following.

    1. Help with hashing the above out.
    2. I need guidence on cleanup, I noticed that when my wordpress was moved from godaddy to hostgator that godaddy's gdconfig.php came with it and when I deleted it the site stopped working and when I restored it my site works again.

    Also a bunch of plugins I do not have installed anymore is showing up in the settings area too.

    I can see I am going to have to earn my keep on this multisite thread with you guys as I thought the auto blog task was daunting, but hey I am like a sponge and pick up fast.

    Thanks for all of your future help...

    God Bless,

  • SavvyTurtle

    I removed this line from wp_config.php on line 84 require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/gd-config.php' );

    And then deleted gd-config.php

    And I no longer get that error bs from being linked to godaddy it also appears that I am lagging less in performance - They still have other Godaddy BS in my wp-config.php but I am not touching any of it for now.

    I am almost fine with putting the slugs back i.e. /%blog%/datemonth/%post%/ cannot remember exactly the correct post that was there before I switched it to /%post%/ - then just redirect all of my 3600 links until we figure this out.

    As to storage space I removed limits by default for now so my site won't be penalized.

    due to these bugger slugs no pages are found. and I am at a stand still waiting on you guys whenever is best for you to get back to me because I feel you guys are the smartest in the Multi User wordpress field and I rather listen to you guys before I do a google search hunt for answers. God Bless,

  • SavvyTurtle

    I do not know if it was because of you guys or because of what I did but the links work again, I will wait on your response to find out if you did anything and then I will tell you what I did either way it appears to work now I guess only time will tell.

    God Bless - BTW Your many community threads and Gold, Some you have to take 15 or more and piece them together to get an idea how to mash them together to try something but none the less it seemed to work for me unless you guys went in and did something to fix it...

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello James,

    Please note that posting few time in a row might delay our answers as our system treats each post as new answer and puts it lower in our queue - and we process our queue from top to bottom.

    I found out that I am screwed for changing the permilinks to the main site to %postname% as now no articles work.

    Is this still issue? I'm checking your posts and they are working fine.

    I will be honest here - you posted lots of questions and issues in those few posts above and I'm not sure what is working or not working on your multisite right now.
    Could you summarize your current problems so I could take a look at each of them?

    kind regards,

  • SavvyTurtle

    Yes thank you for your kind remarks about posting once in here.
    I fixed the internal linking problem via removing the Godaddy encrypted files and replaced it with the standard wp-config.php that I downloaded via wordpress and added the multisite stuff. so it reset everything and the links work and less lag.

    I installed pro sites, hummingbird, wp smush pro. - my hb score is 68 and between hb and wpsp my site loads much faster I smushed 180mb and saved.

    Thank you for your community of people its because of the articles that has helped me work through some of this, the parts that I am still having issues are parts of your plugins are shooting out errors and telling me to contact support.

    this thread was for multisite, that is finished so I will close this thread and open up a new one for the next plugin help as you guys requested thanks for your awesome help I am starting to find myself home at this community God Bless.

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