your 2 newest plugins to date !!!

Hi guys i just wanna say that im kind of disappointed that your newest 2 plugins are missing out on some key features, it should have for example the coursepress plugin should be able to allow users to upload there own courses and have them featured as paid if wanted, and also the job and experts plugin should have a paid featured option will we be seeing this anytime soon as i think its badly needed !!!

  • Andre Foisy

    Hello there @carl,

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community, and thank you for contacting our support team with your suggestion.

    I hope you're having a great day!

    Your suggestions are, and will always be, welcome! :slight_smile:

    I'm sure you already know that an infinite amount of features can be added to any software and plugins. Now, up to what level should we go, or where should we stop, adding features to the plugin before we shell out a first release awaited by members?

    As you mentioned it, these are new plugin releases and we have to come to a point where we must decide and release a first version with a fair amount of features to start with. This way, we also kind of get feedback from members :wink: and so we can discover what they like and want, instead of developing features they don't want and wont use.

    As it happens with any software, these will also evolute and get feature rich over time.

    Best regards,

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