"Your Account" within WP Dashboard

The support from this place is phenomenal. Great job you guys.

I’m interested in bringing the “Plan Choosing” into the WordPress dashboard, just like you have Bulk Upgrades in the WordPress dashboard. How can I do this? I’m pretty dang knowledgeable with code so I know I could pull it off with a little direction. Then I know it’ll probably serve well for the community here.

I just don’t want to hack over your plugin, then it get erased when the thing is updated.

Any thoughts on this?


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Nick,

    The plan choices are made available in the front-end on the main site and it would actually require quite a deal of work to get that moved elsewhere, given the way it’s designed.

    Partly, that’s at the main site because of SSL and domain mapping concerns (SSL would be required on each domain in order for it to work otherwise with domain mapped sites).

    And getting that plan section in the back-end wouldn’t really be the easiest thing to achieve. It’d likely involve creating an admin menu page first off.

    That would be a good starting point. But further than that, you’d likely have to create your very own form displaying the subscriptions or rip the relevant bits from the plugin core, not really a simple task, I’m afraid.


  • nphaskins
    • Flash Drive

    OK yeah that totally makes sense with the SSL. Kind of a bummer but hey, what can you do.

    While I have you, how can I apply custom CSS to the pro-site page that the users click to to upgrade? Also, is it best practice to just insert custom code onto the page via Pro Sites admin?


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