your contact form is very confusing

I'm trying to get some help because I can't figure out how to get the core files of the Upfront Theme. None of the other dependent themes will work because Wordpress says "The parent theme is missing. Please install the "upfront" parent theme." I can't find where to get these files. The theme page has a "Try Upfront" button, but no option to download. When I tried to use your contact form to request help, it FORCED me to pick a specific theme/product (which is apparently case sensitive, for some reason?) When I finally figured out what magic combination of letters it wanted, the contact form closed and I was directed to a forum of some sort. I don't know if my question was submitted or not?? All I know is that I can't do another thing with my sites - my work is at a standstill - until I get this theme issue resolved, and your "support" is the most frustrating and convoluted nonsense I've endured in recent memory. I have a very finite amount of time to work on these sites, and I am trying to figure out why I've paid you hundreds of dollars to waste my time.