Your opinion to the following dialog would mean lots to us...

Valued Support Team,

now it's time to change our shared server towards VPS as always suggested by you. However, before we do such step please be so kind read the following dialog we had with bluehost and advise us can we trust the given answer to avoid future trouble with our application.

(10:53) [PRINZ] please advise if we would choose a VPS solution with Bluehost can we test it for a month to see would that change our issue?
(10:54) [Caleb] That is possible, I can get you to billing and you can ask them about trying it for a month but not sure if they are able to give you that

(10:55) [PRINZ] which database restriction would we have with vps?
(10:56) [Caleb] I am not sure on that, I work with shared server accounts, I don’t work with VPS accounts, that is a separate support line
(10:57) [PRINZ] please can you connect me to the right supporter to get those type of questions answered?
(10:58) [Caleb] Yeah one moment, I will get you over to our sales and they should be able to answer questions about a VPS
(10:58) [PRINZ] thanks

(11:0) [Andrew] Hello PRINZ
(11:1) [Andrew] thank you for contacting Bluehost
(11:1) [Andrew] how may I assist you today?
(11:1) [PRINZ] Hello Andrew, am pleased talking to you
(11:1) [PRINZ] we experience limitation issues with shared server. Before we choose a plan to change to VPS please let us ask a few question:

(11:2) [PRINZ] which database restriction are given on a vps basic account?
(11:5) [PRINZ] most importantly what about running multi-db on such account.... in short which are the any restriction?
(11:8) [Andrew] there are no db restrictions on VPS

(11:8) [PRINZ] would we have root access with vps?
(11:10) [Andrew] yes, you get root access with VPS?

(11:11) [PRINZ] upgrading to vps which steps are necessary we have to do or is bluehost setting us up and moving our wp multi-site application including multi-db?

(11:13) [Andrew] you would have to pay for the upgrade and then wait until the upgrade migration is finished. I would have to go over a few things with you before you upgrade though

(11:14) [PRINZ] apart of monthly fee which cost would be on top? How much are the upgrade fees?
(11:17) [Andrew] none but keep in mind each plan renews month by month

(11:17) [PRINZ] how much time would it approx. take to get a move done?
(11:20) [Andrew] between 4-8 hours

(11:20) [PRINZ] to ensure I understand everything correct, bluehost does the move, apart from monthly fee at no additional cost?
(11:22) [Andrew] that is correct However our plans are not scaleable so you would have to cancel in case you’ll change the plan and then sign up for a higher package and move the files manually if you ever need to upgrade

(11:24) [PRINZ] what if changing to vps still does not solve our limit issues with multi-db... is it possible to downgrade to shared server within one month
(11:27) [Andrew] you would have to cancel the VPS and open the new shared and manually move your files if you want to move bac down to shared

(11:27) [PRINZ] we first wish to test if vps really does solve our issues... can we go for one month first instead of paying one year upfront (despite saving right now)?
(11:32) [Andrew] you would have to get 3 months

(11:33) [PRINZ] finally please let me know for how many years would we be bound to bluehost if we go with vps?
(11:34) [Andrew] what do you mean?
(11:35) [PRINZ] assuming vps solves our issue... we only would use standard as long as develop then moving to premium
(11:37) [Andrew] no, you cannot upgrade from one VPS plan to another

(11:37) [PRINZ] big thanks for answering our questions...
(11:38) [Andrew] We value your feedback!
(11:38) [Andrew] thank you
(11:38) [Andrew] :slight_smile:
(11:38) [PRINZ] bye for now

We are looking forward hearing from you soon.
Kind regards